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You Were Made to Feel Clear, Juicy and Enjoy Lasting Professional Success being authentically you!

An integrated approach to passion, impact and wild results for the balanced female leader


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When two powerful women choose to walk together in feminine leadership

For the woman who is ready to clear the past, embrace the present and create her bright future now.

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Ava Tamar, Feminine Coach

“Working with Juliet is the best investment I made this year.”

The Return to Authentic Leadership

The most effective leaders are authentic with a clear connection to their heart's true intentions.

It all starts with authenticity.

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I invite you to own your passions and dare to lead from your soul.


Transformation backed by Science    & Practical Tools

My coaching style blends a naturally loving, accepting and intuitive approach with research based tools and growth strategies to empower and transform. With thousands of hours coaching, a masters degree in business administration and research study on female pleasure from Yale School of Management, and 5 years of digital marketing experience, I am here to serve you in claiming the life you are passionate about.


Through 1:1 coaching containers, workshops and programs, I support women to step into their power and aliveness without feeling overwhelmed or shameful.

Because this is your time to shine. And, I'm here to make sure your wildest dreams come true.

Enjoy The Podcast

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Let's Get Juicy is a podcast on intimate conversations with powerful women. My guests are high-frequency, self-led leaders who get candid on how they achieved success in their businesses + relationships without compromising their souls. It’s time to shift our paradigms in this juicy experience.

Bathe in your highest essence...

Lift you into your highest

level of magic + magnetism

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Louise Lagendijk

J brings the best of both worlds. The masculine structure which she teaches so well as well as her deeply feminine intuition she brings in her sessions. Being the professional she is- our sessions allowed me to structure my business instead of spreading myself thin. But most of all it allowed me to make decisions that steered me in a completely different direction- the direction of my soul. J has been a great space holder, mentor and most of all friend whom I love deeply and highly recommend.

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Cecilia Kliche

From all the gifts & breakthroughs I experienced while working with Juliet, the most mind-blowing is that I came out of our mentorship with the unwavering confidence that I can effortlessly create whatever I desire. I am deeply grateful to have been held and guided with so much love and wisdom.” 

Leonie Raijmakers

Juliet's insights guided and supported me in so many ways, including healing lingering trauma, growing in confidence, practically embracing my development, attracting stability, and placing my feet firmly on the first rungs of ladders I could never seem to get a hold of. 

Juliet has given me practical, grounded methods to channel, visualise and create the life I want - both for the emotional and for the physical senses. Things that seemed just dreams have been manifesting in the physical within just six months. I am re-inspired and so excited to see where the rest of my life will take me.

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