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If you want to build a business that lets you pursue your passion the bold and feminine way, then you are in the right place. Maybe you even already have a business, but you aren’t branded as your truly bold self. Maybe you don’t feel the feminine ease you wished you could have as a female entrepreneur...


This 3-day training will give you practical and pleasurable tools to grow a 6-figure business that replaces the 9-5 income and gets you wildly successful launches and clients you love to work with.


These tools are strategic, simple, pleasurable and bold AF. The same strategies have brought me to multiple 5-figure months in my business, and it's only going up from here! 


During these 3 days, we will cover the following topics: 

Day 1

Magnetic Branding

  • Brand vs. Offer

  • 5 Sticker Branding Strategy

  • Embodying Your Brand 

Day 2

Bold Marketing

  • 4 types of Content

  • Problem Framing 

  • Launch Foreplay

Day 3

Pleasurable Launching

  • Pricing

  • Owning your selfish desires

  • Money Receiving Techniques

I felt so supported by Juliet during my $47k launch. Her creative ideas and structured strategy helped me connect with my community in an authentic and personal way.

What others are saying... 

Within one session with Juliet, I went from 5k months

to 15k. She really helped me see how raising my prices and adding in structure could greatly benefit my business, support me embody my work even more and gave me overall peace of mind. 

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