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Love, you deserve to be seen and wildly successful... by being all of you.

I'd like to introduce you to the three aspects of myself that emerge through all the work I do...

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The Heart-Led Mentor

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The Bold Business Leader

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The Self-Worth Queen

Bonjour, hi there! I'm Juliet.

My mission is to support women in leading from their hearts.

I serve you by applying my business growth and personal branding expertise, neuroscience, and heart-felt leadership healing in powerful 1:1 and in-person group activations to bring out your zone of genius.

My mission is to make you feel SAFE sharing your message and shining in a way that feels congruent to who you truly are. It is safe to become a free vessel of feminine expression.

And, from there, with a mix of staying power + bold and aligned action steps, 

I deeply believe you will achieve your wildest dreams.

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My fascination with self-development began when I was gifted my first vibrator at 19 years old.

With my newfound sense of embodied and holistic  freedom, I wanted to learn how to share this with others at scale. I began studying feminism and researching female pleasure at Yale University while earning my Masters in Advanced Business Administration.


After earning my Masters, I began working as a digital branding, marketing and sales consultant for female entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow their businesses by being their own brands - and that required them taking up a lot of space and building epic amounts of confidence.


It was in this supporting role that I realized many women, and myself included, have limiting beliefs that have prevented us from feeling safe being seen and fully in our power -- and hearts.  


I also noticed that as a society, we have separated the powerful woman from the sexual woman, the idea that one needs to act like a man in the patriarchy in order to succeed  financially. I knew that when a woman can be all parts of herself, she is absolutely unstoppable. Curious about engineering a solution, I remembered how much owning my pleasure helped me step into my power through self-love and confidence building. I needed to find a way to bridge career satisfaction with sensual satisfaction -- in a way that would stick -- but something was missing.


But something was missing...

Up until that point, I thought my sexuality belonged to everyone besides myself based on what I had seen in advertisements, music videos, and men. So, when I experienced my first real pleasurable experience, I was shocked that it had nothing to do with being objectified.

I realized that I didn’t have to be dependent on others to be happy. 

Reclaiming my own pleasure meant I brought a new sense of power and authenticity into the bedroom with my partner. And it also meant I could bring this rich sense of aliveness outside the bedroom -- to my business and individuals I worked with, to non-romantic relationships, and to everyday interactions. I could flirt, dress and celebrate life in a way that felt real to me. The more I tapped into my pleasure + power, the more the world responded positively with opportunities I only dreamed of.


I felt energized, awake, and more myself than ever before.





















It all clicked when I started to explore my own healing and spirituality.


A few years ago, I embarked on a healing journey using energy work, mindset techniques and ancient shamanistic rituals to heal self-defeating beliefs and trauma that always convinced me to play small. 


I found a powerful trifecta by integrating Business, The Body, and Healing together, which are now the  three cornerstones of my coaching philosophy. Today, I continue my learning through attending retreats, coaching programs, mentorships and continuing to deepen into the work.


I’ve struggled for years to experience purpose, power, and fulfillment in all areas of my life -- and I’ve finally found it for myself. For me, true power comes from feeling truly present inside your body - and feeling safe to trust your (and others') heart. True power comes from trusting your impulses. True power comes from knowing who the f you are and what you want outside of your conditioning and your socialization. True power comes from activating your highest self and standing in your sovereignty.


I believe everyone is deserving of this reclamation of your true power -- and it's especially important for the woman who wants it all. With the right tools and intention, it’s all possible. You can lead from a heart-felt, powerful place. It doesn't have to be stressful/ difficult. You get to have everything you want - by being all of you. Especially the parts society has shamed or made wrong. 

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This is the root of all the work I do to expand your business + your sovereignty. Combining Neuroscience x Shamanism x Sensuality is what I believe it takes.

You came to my site for a reason. I see you. And I'm standing here to show you that it's possible. Ready?!

My Sexy Credentials

MAM from Yale University

MBA from IE Madrid

Bachelors from Tufts University

Digital Marketing Consultant for 5+ years

Sex, Love and Relationship Coach Layla Martin

Women's Sensual Health Researcher

Reiki Practitioner Level I + II

+ French & American citizen ;) 

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