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How can I support you?


As a Feminine Leadership Mentor,

I'm pretty badass in the following areas:

Emotions & The Heart

Feminine Entrepreneurship & Business

Neuroscience & Energetics

Emotions &

The Heart

  • Moving through and healing energy leaks such as guilt, shame, unworthiness and negative-body image so that you can feel whole, worthy and deserving of listening and leading from your heart

  • Reclaiming your power through stripping back the layers that have been blocking you from your authenticity


Feminine Entrepreneurship & Business

  • Stripping back what isn't working and implementing high impact marketing/ sales systems so that you find a structure and flow that feels GOOD for your unique energy. 

  • Clarifying your brand message and personal story so that you cut straight through the online noise and your people can find you and LOVE you

  • Grow and strengthen your team with powerful and clear intentions, commitments and deep trust. Learn to receive support.

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Neuroscience & Energetics

  • Clearing what may be holding you back, embracing the present, and creating your future with a blend of rapid resolution therapy, hypnosis and ancient shamanic rituals  

  • Tapping deeper and deeper into your intuition so that you become an open channel for your wisdom and intuition to flow


"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."


You & Me

1:1 with Juliet

Welcome to my signature package for the high performing female leader. Within a few sessions, we will:

  • Get to the root cause of what's holding you back from playing big and claiming what you really want

  • Balance your feminine and masculine energetics in your business with result-driven and aligned strategies to seriously up-level your business with clear, actionable steps

  • Let go of impenetrable walls so that you can receive the abundant life you deserve

From emotional practices, to mindset work to grounded and simple yet powerful business strategies, I have the tools, wisdom and heart to get you there.

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