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Let's Get Juicy Podcast

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Let's Get Juicy is a podcast all about Entrepreneurship, Pleasure and Soul hosted by Feminine Leadership expert, Juliet Lippman. Her guests are high-frequency, badass women who get candid on how they achieved success in their businesses + relationships without compromising their souls.

ep 1 - the real reason I think the new age is for everyone

This podcast was birthed after having truly intimate and inspiring convos with powerful women who have opened my eyes to what lies beyond the veil in business, love, sensuality, health & happiness. These conversations are real, uncensored, and contain zero bullshit. This is my story on why I had to start LET’S GET JUICY.

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ep 2 - healing the masculine & claiming wealth
with sophie josephina

Sophie is a teacher of polarity, masculine and feminine energies and business. In this episode, we dive deep into entrepreneurship and discuss the themes of:  the art of owning your credibility + gifts, how squirming for money can be one of the most powerful energies out there, and the freedom in allowing your feminine to take the lead.

Enjoy more episodes here!

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