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Cream and Brown Fashion Back to Business

Your three month calibration portal to integrate both your Masculine & Feminine energies into your business.


receive more while feeling

supported + nourished


*This is not your average group experience* 

This is an intimate and caring space where you get to receive everything from the feminine codes + frequency to the masculine strategies that work.

Hey love... we've been waiting to taste your magical nectar...

Imagine this...

  • Being a clear channel and birthing novel ideas instead of feeling disconnected and blocked from your natural wisdom.

  • Enjoying the high-vibe sales process with grounded, centered and simple strategies that respect you and the client instead of feeling lack, scarcity and rejection before, during and after you drop your price.

  • Flowing between juicy client calls, pleasurable activities like being in nature, getting massages, and relaxing during the work day instead of forcing yourself to over-give to clients, pushing to show up on social, and then end up feeling depleted as you binge Netflix each evening.

  • Feeling super clear and in your unique power about your message, your offerings, and your pricing instead of feeling confused about what you stand for, what you should launch first and dropping your prices on sales calls in fear you might lose your prospect. 

  • Creating magnetic content that flows from your unique essence instead of following someone else's content writing style, CTAs and vibe.

  • Magnetizing high-caliber clients by lovingly dom-ing yourself with high vibe, life-changing marketing strategies that you make your own instead of waiting for someone to tell you exactly what to do.

  • Unleashing your 6-figure offers to sell themselves from embodied PLEASURE... instead of getting lost in downward spirals of analysis paralysis.




This is exactly what 

my clients experience:

  • S sold her first time group program with a $22k launch with 800 followers

  • L went from debilitating launch trauma to her first relaxed, easeful and fun $53k launch with lots of orgasms <3

  • D went from charging $1.5k for her 3 month 1:1s to calling in high-caliber clients and charging $8k for her 3 month 1:1s which allowed her to comfortably move to Ibiza 

  • S went from disliking social media and barely making $10k/ month to calling in $40+ cash months 3 months in a row

  • N went from $16k group launches to launching her mastermind for $82k with a following of 1k


Phase one

the MBA Nerd

Through branding, messaging and transformational mindset work, we bring your heart-led purpose... the YOU-ness, out and initiate you into embodying your magic with clarity so that your people understand your offers and get to feel a full-body YES that you are the one for them.

fan outfits account on Twitter.jpeg

Phase two

The Marketing Dominatrix

Learn to lovingly dominate the parts of you who do not want to show up, creates confusion and makes everything more difficult than it needs to be. It get's to be much easier than you've been making it my love. Come, come... let's follow the strategies that are aligned with your unique energy.


Phase three

The Pleasure Queen

Drop into your body's wisdom, turn up your creativity and learn to hold high-caliber clients by rooted into your body's safety and pleasure. Become a magnet for the money, clients and impact you deeply desire while working less hours. Break the pleasure glass ceiling and allow yourself to anchor into a deeply positive financial impact for the rest of your life.


Once I started embodying my business... everything went quantum.

I no longer had to "force" myself to show up online... I simply shared the embodiment of my life and what felt good to me.


And as a result, dream clients popped up out of nowhere, signing $10k packages with me.

I work with the most incredible, sexy, powerful, strong women that are freakin changing the world by being the fullest expression of their highest selves! Ugh... so it's delicious... 


I work 3 hours/ day at most, and spend the rest of my time with my man, my doggy Pepe, and my incredible group of soul-friends in Amsterdam, taking baths, pampering myself, traveling learning about spirituality and skating in Vondelpark.

After years of the nomad lifestyle... I am growing a multi 6-fig business from my recently purchased 4 bedroom dream house in my favorite neighborhood in Amsterdam... and I have to pinch myself every day to remind myself how freakin' grateful I am.

Honestly... life is freakin' GOOD. 

And, there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy it and your business as well.

Here's the thing love...

YOU don't need to make it hard, even though your cute mind will try to over-complicate things. 

YOU don't need to "push" and "force" your way into selling. Your magnetism, inner power and grounded biz strategies will sell your offers for themselves... trust moi + mama universe.

YOU ARE already one of those hot, inspiring babes doing it all. You just need to take the leap and be kind to your nervous system along the way <3.

YOU are humxn! And allowed to feel scared and unsafe. And tired. And lazy. And... that you can STILL make money, even on those off days/ moments. 

YOU don't need to slave away for hours on end. You can actually work part-time, 10x your income, and have a sh*t ton of FUN! 

If YOU are reading up to this point, a mediocre, trigger-filled, low frequency life & biz ain't for you.

Invitation to grab life by its horns and life in abundance.


And, you don't have to do it alone.

Shall we?!

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 5.16.10 PM.png

J brings the best of both worlds. The masculine structure which she teaches so well as well as her deeply feminine intuition she brings in her sessions. Being the professional she is- our sessions allowed me to structure my business instead of spreading myself thin. But most of all it allowed me to make decisions that steered me in a completely different direction- the direction of my soul. J has been a great space holder, mentor and most of all friend whom I love deeply and highly recommend.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 5.15.32 PM.png

I felt so supported by Juliet during my 47k launch. Her creative ideas and structured strategy helped me connect with my community in an authentic and personal way.

Sophie Josephina

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 8.43.34 PM.png

Working with Juliet brought me much needed structure to my work with social media. She taught me how to offer my mastermind on social with fun and ease, even with a small following of around 1k followers. Her method allowed me to start showing up more. When we ended our 3 month container, I launched my first mastermind of 82k.

Nicole Costerus

This container is not your typical group program. 


It's not about feeding you tools without being held and lifted to your highest potential. 


My zone of genius is seeing you at your highest vision and guiding you there without the stress of pushing. 


It's time to do business differently: it's time to integrate the masculine and the feminine while taking into account your unique energy and way of operating.

Your next expansion begins here:

  • 12 Live Weekly Activation Calls on Zoom (each 1.5 hours long including extra time for Q&A) €10k value

  • Two VIP Deep Dive 1:1 session with yours truly so that you can jump right in and get super clear on your branding, messaging and offers before we even begin in on the 24th of June. €2k value

  • My 1:1 Support in the fbook group during the week (via video + text; 1x/ day Mon-Fri)

  • An intimate and delicious tribe of hand-picked ladies for you to get lit up by (bc it's in the support of your community where you truly expand… seriously!) 

  • 20+ Meditations, Embodiment Exercises + Business Guides/ Marketing Checklists + Trainings €5k value

  • The Ins and Outs of my + my clients 6-figure Feminine Businesses priceless

  • ++ BONUS Guest Speakersline-up to be announced soon (these ladies are multi-6 figure coaches and here to spread their expertise/ magic sauce with you… THEY ARE AMAZING!) €6k value

  • Château is a €5555 investment into your luxurious, pleasurable and heart-felt 6 figure business.

  • VIP package is €9999 investment (includes six additional 1:1 sessions with me during the container for personalized quantum growth)


Babe, it doesn't need to be hard anymore.

You deserve to be held and loved up upon as you lift into the most expansive version of yourself and your business.

Come, come my love. This is your moment to shine.

The journey begins June twenty fourth.

Welcome to the 

Château, cherie

The next level portal you and your business have been waiting for.

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