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She who is in touch with the richness of her emotions, her hell yes's & f*ck no's.

She who remembers her softness, her innocence, and her spirit.

She who is ready to lead the feminine way.

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Do you desire to...

  • Feel full + sexy for yourself first and then the world

  • Give priority to your pleasure after putting it on the back-burner for a bit longer than you'd like to admit

  • Truly luxuriate in every moment... taking in the beauty that is around you as the walls around your heart soften... and you relax and open to your softness, innocence and soul​​​​

  • You transform your little doom-and-gloom voice of insecurity into new codes of power, liberation and unconditional love 

  • You receive compliments and money without having to justify it 

  • You embrace your uniqueness, even the raw and quirky parts (especially the raw and quirky parts that make you, YOU)

  • You have that next level, turned-up, d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s energy flowing (again) between you and your partner

  • You enjoy being surrounded and lifted by other badass women - and even if a woman has "more" than you... you just see that as evidence that if she can have it, it's also available to you, too

  • You change the script on attracting emotionally unavailable men FOREVER by daring to shift your intimate relationship with yourself, first (yes mama! read that again <3)

  • You feel secure leading from an open body + heart and are ready to finally offer ALL OF YOU

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Because living this way means that...

  • You radiate a sense of unapologetic confidence

  • You feel so comfortable, secure and worthy receiving the richness of life, love, sensual passion, and money​​

  • You deeply know that you don’t have to "do" anything anymore - it’s actually all already here, you just need to activate and bathe in your authentic essence



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Welcome to
Sensually Sovereign!

Your five-week portal to come home to your naturally magnetic feminine essence and divine wholeness with Sacred Pleasure Rituals to lift take you there.


  • Meet and initiate your inner sensually sovereign goddess

  • Play in the darkness and come out the other side owning your new loving + liberating narrative around who you are and the woman you are becoming 


  • Experience waves of pleasure in your body as you allow yourself to soften and  surrender to your desires, and learn to receive and magnetize that which you desire most

  • Love and heal any feminine trauma in the body and restore safety 



  • Connect to the 5 Archetypes that live within you and embrace your uniqueness (especially the wild, raw and quirky parts)

  • The 5 Archetype journey includes the embodiment and deep dive into: The Lover, The Maiden, The Wild Woman, The Erotic Mother, and The Priestess archetypes, and transform how they show up in your leadership + in the bedroom


  • Connect to your WHY and lead from your open body and heart as home to your liberation through a sacred heart opening activation

  • Claiming your full-body YES, boundaries and throat-chakra activation to solidify your role as a bad-ass trail-blazer


... where we wallow in the shadow of the feminine (think: wishful thinking, inaction, swampiness, using your jade egg / sex magicking all afternoon to manifest your clients, or constantly telling you to “express gratitude” and “visualize”!)


This is also not a business coaching program or a container where we focus on the sales / marketing actions you need to take to achieve your goals.


And, most importantly, this is not for the strong independent woman who doesn't need "no man", or support. Babe: it's safe to take down that armor and feel nourished.

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... about restoring balance in your body by deeply honoring and respecting the feminine's ability to powerfully soften, listen and receive - something that is needed in all levels of society - from your career, to what happens inside of your household, to your sex, to the highest levels of top corporations.


It's about remembering who the f you are. So, when that little voice of doubt pops up: you meet that part of you with unconditional love, without letting it take you down.


It's about leaning into deep self-love, presence and pleasure by being in divine union and devotion to your body: it's hell yes's and f no's, it's whispers, and it's deep love as you spiral upwards.

It's about allowing yourself to soften, slow down, and listen.

It's about leading from your why & your heart

as a woman who knows and loves who she truly is.


This medicine is needed now, more than ever.

And, this is why I feel called to go on this journey with you <3

So, who am I to lead this work?!


Hi there...

I'm Juliet Lippman :) 

The moment I decided to release the people-pleasing, perfectionistic, and competitive tendencies, 

And instead,

started listening to the whispers of my deeper wisdom,

my desire for more pleasure, more fun, more play,

and really lead from the love in my heart…


I became free.

I went from:

  • Pursuing my MBA for appearances sake (to be real: deep down, to go to an Ivy League and please my parents)

  • Going after emotionally unavailable men hoping they'd make me feel lovable and worthy

  • Putting on a tough, "cool, independent girl from nyc" facade, meanwhile I was extremely sensitive and longed for deeper connection with those around me

  • Chasing a career in digital marketing that sucked my soul because it’s what I “should” be doing

I made the decision to follow my pleasure above all else, like:


  • Living in my dream city (Bonjour Amsterdam!)

  • Choosing a beautiful and kind man who treats me like I’m Beyonce (because I treat myself like a queen, first :) )

  • Feeling safe being vulnerable and open-hearted with those in my community

  • Building a company whereby I get to work when I want, where I want, and my clients/ colleagues get to be incredible, bad-ass women from around the globe who are lifting into their sexual + financial sovereignty… !!!! **ughh... pinch me now**

The truth is that:

I’ve played,

I’ve tried,

I’ve failed,

I got up again, failed a little more, and I keep getting up.

I’ve learned and built. 

Today I can humbly say that I’ve created a meaningful life that lets me live freely.

I often think back to myself before I started living from my aliveness.


Before I started truly tapping into my inner feminine wisdom and truly celebrating my uniqueness and sensitivities.


Before I went from living from my head to living in my pleasure. In my body. In my truth.


I wish I could go back and guide her.

And this is what I intend to do with Sensually Sovereign.

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Here's What

I deeply believe:

  • Whatever you desire... also desires you

  • The world is ready to see more turned ON, full and vibrant women who are dripping in pleasure, wealth and soul

  • Pleasure is your birthright, not something you need to work for

  • When you’re able to listen to what’s most alive inside of you, the path becomes EASIER

  • Living from pleasure allows you to be more connected and kinder to yourself and your people

  • It is safe to powerfully soften and surrender to self-love...

  • ... and, when you do, you actually become a fuller, more alive version of yourself​​

  • It's powerful to ask for help and be held - you don't need to do it all alone anymore

What They Say...

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 5.14.53 PM.png

Juliet helped me clear why I've been blocking myself from receiving. Her embodiment and practices have really helped me take daily actions which has supported me tremendously. I've also allowed myself to fall in love with myself as a business woman, lover and friend. Juliet's coaching container is a magical self-love/ business/ pleasure journey.

I couldn't recommend Juliet more.

Samantha Stelk Sex, Love and Relationship Coach


Working with Juliet brought me confidence around showing up around my intuitive abilities. She helped me set and own my vision, and as a result, I launched my business and allowed in more freedom and authenticity in my life. I've also established stronger boundaries so that my energy no longer leaked. I leave the container feeling creative, light and effortless.

Charlotte Mercille Yogi, Writer and Small Business Owner

Your next Journey begins here:

  • 5 Ninety Minute Live Weekly Monday Activation Ceremony Calls on Zoom (replays will be available in case you cannot make it!)

         Call 1: May 2nd at 7pm cet

         Call 2: May 9th at 7pm cet

         Call 3: May 16th at 7pm cet

         Call 4: May 23rd at 7pm cet


  • My 1:1 Support in the fbook group during the week via comments + questions 

  • Meditations, Embodiment Exercises, Spotify Playlists + Mini-Trainings (to do at your own pace in-between live calls)

  • An intimate and delicious tribe of beautiful women for you to get lit up by (bc it's in the support and inspiration of your community where you truly expand) 

  • Lifetime access to the material


Your Investment
350 euros

Includes lifetime access of the material


3500 euros

Includes 6 additional one hour

1:1 sessions with me + voice & text access during the program

****(If this is too big of an investment at this time, please reach out to me by filling out this form.
I am here to serve those who feel called to this work, and the price should not be an obstacle xxx)
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Babe, it doesn't need to be hard anymore. And, you don’t have to figure it out alone either.

Come, come. Mama Juju has got your back, your tender heart and zero judgment <3. 


This is your moment to shine and drip in codes of health, wealth, love + soul. You were born for this.

The journey begins May 2nd. See you there my love xxx

And instead: I decided to casually disrupt my life.

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